Why Not The Blues?

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As 2bers, Dj Intro, and myself hit the road to promote our latest effort, ‘Kill To Sing The Blues, people have asked me ‘Why the blues? Why not bring jazz back? Or rock n roll?’ Caught a little off guard, my simple reaction (the three times I was asked) was ‘Why not the blues?’ But I know.. Inquiring minds want to know. So here it is…

An early definition of The Blues is “a fusion of traditional African music and European folk music, spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads.” From this definition alone, singing the blues is exactly what the vast majority of artists throughout time have done. In this light, we are no different.
Years later, The Blues would become synonymous with a ‘melancholy’ music that adheres to strict musical standards. Staunch hip hoppers would attest that the skill-set of every element upholds this final prerequisite.
On another note, hip hop’s ever expanding arm has reached out to incorporate just about every genre of music, so indeed, why not the blues? But not a token guitar sample, or harmonica stab. Our take on The Blues is all about the stories portrayed.

Quick Side Note: After a few tour dates with fellow artists Mic Deli, the homie Jay Jay uttered one of the most poignant phrases, in reference to our shared time together, that leads me further in my explanation.

“What I’ll remember most are the conversations…” (we won’t get too deep into exactly what was said, but…)
Such conversations took place almost two years ago on an extremely hot night in Las Vegas, when the core concepts of all the songs from the ‘Utopian Blues‘ EP were touched upon. those conversations led to a wondrous 57 hour studio session where magic literally happened. pretty much, the entire record was written/recorded in that time. More importantly, a comradery was developed. That comradery lead to a deeper sound, displayed in the ‘Wizdom Blues‘ 3P (s/o Wize Elementz), which brings us to here.

‘Kill To Sing The Blues’ is where that hard theorized rhyming of L*Roneous perfectly meets that macabre southwestern soul of 2bers.

That intersection where conversation meets story meets introspect meets song is where our version of The Blues comes to life. Not limited to, but well within that same vein that Blind Lemon Jefferson wrote ‘Rising High Water Blues’ in 1927, we craft songs like ‘Whispers In The Deep’, ‘Catch A Breath’, ‘Scarlett’, ‘Goner’ and many more in 2015.
Spirited writing highlight the ‘Kill To Sing The Blues’ Lbum, as well as all of our material.
Truth is, we’ve been singing the blues all along. One listen to (or a look at) past material such as 2Bers ‘How To Relax’ Video BlesInfinite ‘Casual Anarchy’ Video or L*Roneous ‘Man’s World’ Video will illustrate such.
Now flash forward. Why not the blues?
I would kill to sing the blues. One listen and you would too.

Stream or Buy L*Roneous & 2Bers ‘Kill To Sing The Blues’ LP NOW!!


New Year Flow

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it’s been so long since I’ve published a blog, I had to reconnect with you by reconnecting with my (old – check that, younger) self. this is the last message I left for one of my favorite teachers when I left her classroom, as a proud future senior in high school. it’s been my New Years mantra pretty much ever since.

“…when the waves calm back to the usual ripples and the days seem more like ceremonies of reflection, rather than be overly engulfed in then and now, I will |re| direct my flow for when”

Happy New Year!


Nelson Mandela

This man is the absolute most riveting individual black icon I can think of when i think ‘black history’. He was born into a world of imperialism, separation, and hate, but overcame these obstacles and became a beacon of world wide hope and pride for not only black people but for people of all walks of life.

In a nutshell he is (to me) everything Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, and Huey P Newton were and then some. I had the pleasure of seeing Mandela speak at the Oakland Coliseum following his release from prison in 1990. There were countless thousands of us in attendance. (some say 58,000 people were there. I say at least triple that! I know the Oakland Coliseum about as good as anyone can. i’ve been to hundreds of events there ever since i was three years old. I know a sold out Coliseum and an overcrowded Coliseum. That day was both.)

I’ve never felt as universally connected to Africa as i did that afternoon. And although I wasn’t close enough to physically touch him, he touched me and changed me forever! I am an activist because of him.

Below is a blurb from Wikipedia’s synopsis of this giant of a man. There is infinitely more info on him on the web and believe me, any look into this man’s life is well worth it.

*Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; born 18 July 1918, served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and was the first South African president to be elected in a fully representative democratic election.

Before his presidency, Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist, and the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1962 he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to life in prison. Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on RobIsland. Following his release from prison on 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations that led to multi-racial democracy in 1994. As president, he frequently gave priority to reconciliation, while introducing policies aimed at combating poverty and inequality in South Africa.

In South Africa, Mandela is often known as Madiba, his Xhosa clan name; or as tata (Xhosa: father). Mandela has received more than 250 awards over four decades, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.*

side note:

As some of you know, I am an aspiring writer. In the past year I’ve been working on subject matter that delves deep into the African conscious, folklore. In my studies, I found a book edited by none other than, Nelson Mandela. Within its pages, lies one single quote that drives me.

“it is my wish that the voice of the storyteller never die” Nelson Mandela

*quoted from Wikipedia

(Re)Visiting a Classic

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A little over a month ago someone asked me where one could find the complete listing of the lyrics for Imaginarium on the net. Not exactly sure of where they could be posted, I decided to post them myself and replied in a Facebook thread that I’d get on it. That was the easy part.

Like many, I have had my unfair share of computer calamities. In the midst of me saying id post them, I had forgotten that all the typed out lyrics to Imaginarium had been lost years ago in a hard drive crash in 2003. so i sat at my iPad and I began typing. By memory.

Since I had lived and recited every word on that Lbum numerous times, I didn’t need to listen to the record to summon the words. They’re a part of me. So I began a multiple hour jaunt down a yesteryear dated sometime last century.

Typing out the lyrics brought back many fond memories. I vividly remembered meeting Dj Zeph and was brought back to our chemistry while creating the record. So much has happened since then.

Life can be crazy and we can forget many of the trials we went through to be here today. I’m just lucky enough to have this chronicle of my life documented. And appreciated. And that’s a great feeling. To the fans, thank you. This is for you.

also *below is a link to a song I wrote in the process of creating Imaginarium. all attempts to record it were futile back then. Looking back over them I felt I had to at least attempt to bring these words to life. Thanks to the help from a track by Dren Doh (from the group Associated Fresh) I put this together. I hope you enjoy*


Imaginarium lyrics

Castaway the Stowaways
*This is dedicated to those who view hip hop as a voyage and those voyagers who take you there…*

First chapter a little wooden vessel set afloat with few passengers rhythms flapped the sail for a voyage where they wailed thoughts yelled thoughts plotted over party grooves but soon the party kinda grew and evrybody kinda grew when the money came thru so now the wooden vessels gotta go a yacht w outboard motor heaved the ho til the show made more cash flow enough to buy the love boat luxury but it puzzled me how some could never see then ones sneaking on the boat must be too big fakes moving in to mix and mingle with the voyagers ahoy it’s land ho the voyage comes to end but more are sneaking in so castaway the stowaways

Doctrines of the Lip Swift

My saga follows all the mega segments and roads stayin true to the code I let the facts unfold and if the road is blocked i lock my sensor peepers on scope and at the time provoked I let the words be spoke…

Because of street scenes hip hop fiends are being stringed along L*Roneous the dharma bum record player rhyme sayer has come to reemerge a true burst of verbs one from a flock of flow sons and daughters behold I walk that cobble stone road that holds the moldings of my destiny the rest’ll be told caressed in age old ecstasy my lifeline so vividly prophesized in the eyes of a gypsy blessing me tells of L’s poetry as the epitome vicinity Cali by the bay of pigs sun rays and a strange twist of rhyme on them westside vibelines and skylines full of L waves to tell days of melle and destitude in the craft i do til the crap they shmooze is done spun in a funnel of phrases comes the sun or a teacher to release the next school slogan begun L-evation L mania or L-etism pick one I got a universal stethoscope testing dope action bumpin like a heart beat to spark me want some some brothas claim they rap but do they really know the drum shii… til I’m done I transfix motion… yo!


Beyond the undaunted calm dawn spawned L*Roneous to breed in song a long list of deeds believed remarkable disarmaments to spark a bit of insight to life to live to breathe and ease my troubles shii we double humble visionaries bearing rhymes with no mask to hide don’t bask in idle chatter ride vinyl splatter terrain of scatter brain endeavors severin wack ties to mastermind the destiny of I and I unstoppable to make hip hop-able my poetry that forms around my opticals dropped in fo’ (4) degrees of cold chill and 96 in post Ill to fill the bill provided so rhymes combine the delight with incite of magnitudes of badder dudes to scatter clues exposing vocal views to light… dig it my plight… yo!

*class open your textbooks to the nexx school volume one*

I put the formula in the bottle system registers voluble now all the mixtures fixate to create the perfect limmerick mixed with bits of old shit molded in cold crush increments rudiments of recital chronicled in idle piles of paper reaction rate escapes the scopes of isotopes called yes yes yalls a pipe to toke all dank smoke provokes musical whimsical chemical quantum lyrical stylings compiling reply to the stimuli exemplified by the amplified phenomenon deep like operas complete from start to the finish in this I’m about to dent the sentence with the emphasis on sentiments now as we enter this fifth phase of hip hop nowadays concave sights are praised and amazed thru phrase a purple haze of vapor pressure measures flow to a calculation formed a year ago clear concise a theory enticing these chemical compounds giving a raw sound to the beat

a course in lyrical stylings called L*chemy

Now class I passed the vapors along with the syllabus and the context in my course next annexes word sound language verbatim simulations paced to trace the fueled notions concocting elemental variums of dopeness thru portions of distortion and a candor coined real with a universal science fair project appeal where we’ll stare starry eyed at applied analysis basis b-boy impetus substance infinite pen print principles that postulate expression crush groove combustion that’s testing the best in speak techniques kinetic or organic for mix tape fanatics to be bragging that they have it over the average ass platinum savages unravelling scientific notation abated fertile winds bend lung power for hours avoiding parasites with ear scopes and two mics verbal showers over cowards thru the force of thermodynamic anti matter ok it’s granted thru propensity of lyrical intensity multiplied by three point one four or pi condensing diction to fragments in time

an instruction in rhyme known as L*chemy

*sometimes you just wanna explode on the inside*

I hear the shufflin of feet stumblin no speak wonderin if humble men ever wonder bout me i’m rumblin through thoughts of sin with friends that may not understand this so I hand this my canvas is the rhythm I paint a perfect picture through hidden blots of pen ink species man mocha tan color compound shade of brown sound’s wound up on the down pluck stroke woke up to the roar of silence cause I still see reflections of the way life used to be bout nine tenths ignorance who figured it last so long ladies and gentlemen brothas and sistas settle in this specimen is sent to confront what’s happnin just one of many black men spitting passion packed rappin on an African bandstand to grandstand my talent and challenge the senses with the sentence indented by the deep seeded hymns bent and chilled in raw elements through this boisterous baritone b boy zoned based poems blackthorn brainstorm toes to the earth birth formats to pour rap while my mind soars perhaps to adapt to inapt trap doors I yap more now ask your self the haps boy I’m makin rapture…

I itemize vital ties then write rhymes that light the lines that define my confines so blind minds can feel the heat blistering glistening all parts of me i’ll never be your beast of burden cause words blend too well this is to me simplicity like breathing when I meditate or wrestling with the mind like I’m Brutus Beefcake see they make alters for my sh!t for all those on the side posted sellin incense it’s illumination face the panorama i hand a monologue thru smog the slick style’s the story the meaning the epilogue like the sky it’s all falling down so herb smoke clouds the immediate area scary hungh living in a full time era I just bear the facts and hope my tracks pack soul fire til the next tale swallow my spit with a gulp and an exhale young black male trails i’m traveling soaring like a javelin mentally unravelling my confession’s written in tablitures carbon humanoid wack devourer now hours seem to blur deterred by the urge to throw curves to straight and narrow individuals who were transferred from the unsure to voyager by my word ahoy bboy yes sir to reassure my literature is pure (ya heard) this is a miniature caricature contoured to verbs…

A Place Called This
*man I had this dream it was out there but it was right here*

Long ago I dreamt of a place called this I thought my mind shift I was blinded by some twisted shit you see there was a wicked overlord that regulated over black boys no one ever saw him but his henchmen stalked the land and damaged the minds of my young kind blind to the ways of the overlord that over forced the acts and paths led by the mentally dead force fed this propoganda ‘demand and stand tall’ meant do as i say or crawl this is your reality echoed thru my sleepy dream people scream silent cries echoed by homicide rates increasin no ceasin the silence violence is a mental thing the pendulum swings but something wicked this way comes murmurs through the slums some claim to be a playa but in this game we all pawns all spawned by the overlord we overcame on a petty four score of ancient folklore but the overlord kept plotting take and I’ll give you all the rotten things I’ve gotten ’cause it’s hot in this hell on earth where you ain’t worth a nickel and you can’t even see the shit that makes your cells go sickle while fickle fuckers who don’t follow strive but die in quick elimination tactics practiced by those wack ass henchmen yeah them you tell em I got plans for when it’s finished cause this ain’t just a dream man a place called this exists

A place called this exists not only in the mind but within the definitive lines of our cities and their guidelines structured through time by the blind who thought they had been given divine rights of passage but the fight continues and it’s only getting massive (now)

Probe for a sec as we detect the sights of evil the grass ain’t even greener ’cause the barriers are see thru and we do those deeds that heed or cause all of our flaws and the overlord ain’t fictitious the overlord’s our laws or their laws that pair all of us in this perilous plot that got some people’s heated but you’ll never read it in the paper the caper’s much too deep to leak to y’all man I seen it all mirrored by the blemished image of ‘created equal’ or religion mixed with government to puzzle men’s incentives intent to kill minds build ties through lies and it can’t stop won’t stop look at all those black cops flocked on the block just to mock those locked in concrete cages you should’ve peeped the stages this aint just a dream man this shit is quite amazing that some ain’t even phased by today’s mental plague but I guess it ain’t contagious just symptoms of racist behavior…

a place called this exists…


*ladies and gentlemen fairy tale theatre proudly presents L*Roneous with a short entitled ‘Imaginarium’ give him a round of applause*

I’m traveling through lyrical parallels as my life spins like carousels apparent hells weren’t apparent til I chilled and dwelled in myself and melded the surreal with what’s real then I slipped into a portal where no mortal man should follow now in this mind state I can’t be touched cause I’m the master but amassed around the shadows of darkness where these images and voices so many voices I felt trapped and had no choices then like when lights go dim the shadows started moving in like morphing darkness all this seemed a dream from which I can’t wake up so I shake up the courage to speak who are you show your face my knees creaked I felt weak no one here replied but I felt breathing next to my shoulders a panting person worse I felt it move closer and post up all up in my sh!t so I twist turn and twist again creating space as my heart rate raced beyond its normal pace the place becomes uneasy and a voice breaks the silence believe me those that creeped in the darkness were heartless time seemed to jerk something hit me from the side it didn’t hurt but it spurred the spark to kick some ass a light showed my eyes glowed I saw a tattered broken man and a clan of dirty dwellers lookin old and pale even the dark ones hell well the voice came nearer and the words sounded clearer like a mirror image of mine if a voice can cast reflections then I drowned myself in vibes and tasted the inflection (kinda like a soul connection)

Then my consciousness condensed to a sense of shiftlessness in a realm in which my wits pit anxiety with a variety of loose emotions fightin me through heightened speeds in a plethora falling deep into dementia which sent a chill to my vertebrae then a voice broke silence that I heard before like a nightmare during insomnia then a silhouette cast over all of ’em and his image appeared in my retina he spoke said ‘I’m Ali Menda ruler of this place and caretaker now this may stray way way beyond the confines of your mind so listen son see we are the deepest reflections of your inner sides you can’t hide from us’ just then a voice shrieked in the distance as I thought to myself this must be nuts like Gulliver talkin bout Liliput clear cut from the smut of why’s and what’s still drilled by ills stuck in this rut but the feeling formed deep inside my gut then darkness pressed again now I’m suspended in sensation my eyes traced that place in silence piling in information ‘you are ours and we are yours’ he spoke my tribulations formed a mental lapse where perhaps anything could of happened but that equation’s unsolved well all as it may be that voice decayed and frayed to a distant memory see in our world of reality we cling to dreams as form of hope so this memoir of madness is actually the psychosis of being dope

*see in a nutshell it’s not a wise tale. It a tale of the wise*

No Limitations feat Gennessee

yo I communicate to captivate and capture rapture greatly the latest tease in many be conceived with the Gennessee now the minute we enter things are dented incidentally I guess because the penalty for wack sh!t ain’t ignored so all aboard the tour to test temptation and your fascination of socially being compromised to me for a duration of rhyme time to tantalize your mind to fantasize the things I dream come true so dope fiends can come thru to peep the sh!t i do I’m on some casual mellow sh!t my aura get electrified by my amplified vibe then emotion takes over I’ve been addicted to the mic since like 85 and that’s no lie
*aint no lies knowledge is borne nigga recognize paragraphs blast verbal outcast my eyes flashing dollar signs mad visions I made decisions corrupt religions take position in this raw elements inquisition*
and not to mention my dimension lyrical head trip enter the segment suspended on nexx sh!t hip hop’s bizarre star children lip lockin mics building in a whirlwind of this and that combined now L*Rone got a brand new brag rap to tag up lyrical graffiti bombing trains of thought to smack up brain waves like railways no Krylon but what L says hell they better recognize the avant bard my part is but a piece my crew be west and east to cease the tension released because the beast is always peepin us
*raw elements hit you off just like chip phones my click’s known double life rhymes thrown mind’s blown the crime zone my sentiments rise to the top just like a sediment if hip hop’s a residence y’all niggas is the tenements I try to stay cool and keep my temperament rhymes set the precedence leaving evidence of my intelligence to benefit the raw el crew whom I hold reverence mental experiments developing my ill testament*
then L skill match with the baddest around your axis it’s no limitation I take this mic sh!t to the acid test passed it yes I manifest the quest to gesture form the test is on to land the strongest rhymes in song long live the livid tight ones that gleam like my nose ring let the mic bust I’m hosting the approaching of a whole new toasting to come to motivate the feeble ones
*no quest son roll up the la i’mma bless one this versatile child double life style the vexed one collaboration of my talent and motivation valiant like a prince when my eyes blink my mind’s racin times a wastin mental activation fuck the segregation east and west same blood relation*
then fingers fold tingling old sensation touching mic’s cold steel a bold feel for the cold chill cause niggas pose still I come to post will power shower verbal rain holla bout my herbal gains and maintain my focus react approacheth the L the hope of the well versed Dogon decent of bent mission since birth in the church of the poisoned mind and still I rise baptized in rap vibes to enshrine the double life
*diagram my destiny vocal chemistry got the best of me blessing me mind drown with fine clouds of extasy I exercise minds signify family ties cause niggas be droppin dimes and my life be on the line mental movements double life project we move sh!t dome improvements for niggas on the fake and move tip my crew flips with two clips filled with intuition for ammunition rhymes stay on line like an incision don’t get mistooken my niggas livin crooked out in Brooklyn plus central bookings be callin baggin niggas for ballin I try to keep moving but time is stalling close my eyes feel my mind dying now I falling…*

The R.A.I.N.S.

when it rains inside I’m sore my sense of self help snores perception says I’m bored but I’m just torn between emotions and my actions and factions there between some scheming bastards had to have had this all mapped out I’m damn near tapped out but my tongue taps out devout bouts about blackness weathering storms forecasted don’t ask it’s kind of a black thing you know class, race, ethnicity simplicity disallowed forms this formless mind cloud where the storm spouts out tears see I blame on this land here see this one hundred and thirty plus year old experiment I fear has failed prevailing an ailed self hatred basis of black on black crime (what?) black on black war think about it you don’t even hear about Irish fighting Italians no more my support is for true law where nature takes its course cause we’re lost

when it rains I see strains on the face of my main men descending sullen moods of other dudes to attitudes and whims when it rains…

I tried to nestle in the shade but the rain drops paraded on my skull denting mental scars in the glimpse of all this happening it happened to me tears appeared that no one sees when rain is near the pain remained beyond the rain in years but i always fear feeling near that instant not distant from the now but how do I douse my doubts with strength when it rains…

Oral Exorcise

Yo when i get dumb some praise amazing ceremony measure to magnitude a million stupid dudes I’m in a galaxy caught contained in an ass backwards world “where’s my baby yob?” don’t drink the milk yo it’s spurled *spoiled* I whirl and twirl my music using rhyme to fill the space an immortal nectar I’ll bet about a drink of a hundred tastes now as you face what I cast and blast to the mass witness one of the last true rhyme slingers I’m unmasked got a half that believes half that bleeds half that needs and a half that laughs at crap that smacks yo ass off into noid half man half arachnoid I found the void I must destroy yet I enjoy weaving spindles of rhymes to bind yo mind to toy and try to sketch em trace this then etch your own cause I know my hip hop zone is prone to grow with every flow see I mentally mountain climb or poetically puppeteer your ears to the place I steer you (right) light travel at the speed of rhyme or is it the other way anyway I find a way to bind a phrase in funky ways even if hip hop decays I’m guaranteed to stay (what?) fresh dope and funky yeah cold chill and at the same time I’m raw with a yes y’all it’s on til diction splitting panty shields conceived when you’re alone now are you really grown and have you really known what I’ve shown that the beauty and the beast in rhyme flow in fact on tracks share the same toes well no matter what comes i’mma keep on goin and take your ass off with me as witness to the trickery now all y’all ill brothas meet the tonal tongue sickening glistening and whispering listen mister man I grab the microphone and then I take my verbal stand see I rock on impulse dimples show you that I’m glad that I had this chance to further enhance the rhyme in this my oral exorcise…


I say L-I-crooked letter-10 my friends and know that I bid you welcome to my little rap show I’m in a state of yo so perhaps yo ass should let yourself go so fsho let it go we goin ridin on a freeway of everyday living giving thoughts about the speed of life and it’s limits being on the straight and narrow like an arrow in flight or slow moving rigid with the ones on the right or letting your brain soar to the port side of things where left wing’s testing progressive type directing now as you start selecting which lane you should drive just note that my purpose is connecting with your mind and if I twinkle in your mind’s eye sight call me twilight cause I’m zonin L-I-crooked letter-10 as I’m honing lyrical levels silk screening views over devils entrapped in laughter boom bap it captures rapture swinging to the side to a parallel dimension where rhymes get you high and it’s hard to find that vibe in the place that I live so I’m giving all my thoughts to the music that you get…

L school a fool *nasty nas voice*

Some chose to play fool while other play bitch see I was told loose lips sink ships I’m the eclipse I exist as lyricist to never abuse so I howl at the moon and let my rhyme styles loose I ain’t here to choose I’m here to introduce LRone from the Last 2 producin like fruits to blossom like a flower and give you verbal nectar then inject a dose in your soul from my selecta now enter oblivion and visualize the scrimmage so then you’ll see the reason that my rhymin has no limits and pennance to the sinner that trips on all the fame and dismiss the mister that states my name in vain understand what I’m sayin look a here hip hop’s like sugar crisp and I’m the sugar bear fair enough that’s just a discourse in verbal intercourse henceforth my stuff conducts a syntax just like dicks in heat of climax I’m hijacking ears like ancient buccaneers to the L frontier but I’m taking volunteers so we can pioneer ’cause a new beginning’s near now some might call it weird but I truly am sincere a modern sonneteer poetically severe rhymin is my life I don’t call it a career the only souvenirs are the sentiments your hear so please don’t interfere ’cause my peers are sayin yeaaaahh…

L school a fool *nasty nas voice*

In the C.O.R.N.
*i speak tonight for the dignity of man*

Excuse me pardon me but I’ll be on my way in a sec protect your ears with a cupping action so tone def souls singing praise of old what not wont get caught in the storm as verbs swarm through spit soggy escapades poli rhythmic cavalcades I travel through space mentally to erase all of society’s color based systems symptoms of mental pimpin and when in actuality it’s only we the so called darkies who see it were cheated believe it that’s why I feel hostility and gots to be weeded to beat it dig it man fcuk it it’s all about awareness til then when prepared revolution’s on track I’m living in darkness and I’m never coming back let my poems tracks the travels of the black fist in the callings of a restless native…

now if you my nigga people turn a cheek cause I ain’t speaking to you we what we going thru that’s grown through our existence this abstract persistence that lynched us in the past and whooped our black ass so those tears and tracked and packed in raps perhaps it’s mass conspiracy through tyranny that’s mental see enslaving us in industries like hip hop which is ours claiming we don’t even own the bars but I’m wishing on a star and taking charge of my lyrical barge to share these scars that some might misconstrue as being hard feelings my artful dealings appealing to sons and daughters softer side that some of us niggas shy from well aight we all got problems and I ain’t no therapist so some of the rarest shit we hide but my pride glides in gridlock to a frown where was a smile and I wonder am I under a spell that deals me life as a trial I think maybe it’s the way I style or maybe the style of me or could it be the color of my styles but my styles are color free this utterly befuddling what be clinging to me is puzzling a dozen things ring consistent mind fucking and people wonder why these mean streets arise despite the heat outside it’s magnified seen through a nigga’s eyes and i stand for the fallen in the callings of a restless native…

you have to figure out the lyrics to the bonus cut(s)

Scooby Doo

“Cherish the journey” that’s the text i received from my mamma as I was dipping to the airport. Funny, because that’s the sentiment that has taken over my thoughts, overwhelmingly lately. could it be I’m revisiting this notion because i’m thousands of feet above ground on a plane to Zurich, Switzerland? Or maybe it’s the potpourri of edibles I indulged in earlier? Or maybe, it’s the seemingly endless amount of red wine via those mini bottles this flight attendant keeps handing me? you make the call. lol. Either way you put it, it does offer me this moment of clarity.

If you’ve been paying attention this year (and hopefully you have) you’ll see that i’ve been a fairly busy dude. I released an LP (Notes of the Righteous Outlaw), an EP (The Cliff Notes), a 3P (Present Progressive), and an audio book* (Sketches of a Straight Line); was featured in my first video (White Mic’s ‘Lessons’); guest appeared on some VERY solid releases; participated (rode 545 miles) in the 10th annual AIDS/LideCycle ride; headlined a summer tour (Split Decision tour); currently have my music in rotation at several radio stations across the US; and now i’m on my way to tour Europe for a month with (the ‘Heart and Soul’ of Frisco city) Equipto. Talk about doin it! 

All that being done/said, none of the above was accomplished without me cherishing this wonderful, magical journey. So much can (and has) happened. As I look back and venture forward I keep this in mind. I suggest others do this as well. and NO, you don’t have to be an artist. Life is a journey within itself. Cherish it! (Sometimes even give thanks.) No one knows when their wild ride called life will end so live it up and cherish the journey.

If you’re in Europe, come out and kick it with me and Equipto. Here are some dates (more tba):

Nov 4 at Tab Tap in Schaffhasan
Nov 12 at Tommasini in Lenzburg
Nov 19 at Club Metropolis in Norway
Nov 22 at Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam
Nov 24-26 shows in Venice (more tba)

For more up to date info follow me on twitter @LRoneous or check out my Facebook page:

Available Now:
‘Present Progressive’ 3P (FREE DWNLD)

‘Sketches of a Straight Line’ audio book *the release of the actual (hard cover) book has been pushed back to February 15th. (I hope people understand and continue to support)*

Get Up!

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Artist Unknown (somewhere in New Mexico)

Artist Unknown (somewhere in New Mexico)


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There are certain times in everyone’s life when one should reflect on the lessons learned. This song/video is our take on it. “Lessons” by White Mic (of Bored Stiff) featuring L*Roneous, Gigio, and Dogwood Speaks. Enjoy!