As We Proceed…

Posted: February 28, 2011 in #raplife, for>>eva>>ward, L*Roneous, sometimes i make music

March 1, 2011 marks the release of my 7th studio Lbum, “Notes of the Righteous Outlaw”. it’s only fair for the ones who are new to L*roneous music to take you on a journey through my sound. so here’s a little history:

In the 1990’s a hip hop band crushed bay area (California) nightlife with a sound that can only be described by the group’s name, Last 2 Serve. The group eventually disbanded and people eventually got acquainted with the members on a different note: Queue (the producer/engineer), the original Haiku de’Tat band, and a solo emcee named L*Roneous. the surviving product of Last 2 Serve is a collection of rehearsal tapes, a missing full length LP, and this EP, Magnetic Personalities.

After spending a couple of years in the bay area underground hip hop scene, battling, performing, and molding my initial solo opus, I re-emerged to the world with an upstart producer (Dj Zeph), a brash young rhyme partner (Gennessee – together we combine to form Double Life. Our Revolutions single is/was not only a powerful statement but a testament to our young lives), and a solid debut release showcasing my talent. To this day, the world is completely enamored by Imaginarium.

From there, I was all about creating allies and building a solid catalog of music. i found both in a producer by the name of Elusive and thus the Dreamweavers was born. We toured around the west and released a brainiac dose of dope titled Implicit Thoughts.

And as there is no rest for the wicked, there certainly isn’t any rest for the righteous. I combined with KUSF (“Beat Sauce”) radio personality/club/party Dj, Dj Wisdom, and formed The Directors. We eventually released a limited EP titled The Directors’ Cuts (sorry no link. should be on iTunes in a few weeks)

Double life-ing, directing, and dreamweaving eventually brought me back to my solo ways, as i subsequently spent two years writing songs (toying with structures and styles) that eventually came together as Purposely Powerful.

following a (brief?) five-year absence from the limelight (to focus purely on teaching language arts to the youth of San Francisco and honing my literary writing), I returned with an offering titled Roller Coaster.

My growth can be witnessed through these steps of progression. I sincerely hop you enjoy…


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